How it Works

Once you create a basic account, you'll get a unique link to your TipSmack virtual tip-jar. Share it everywhere. When a user lands on this page, he/she can instantly send tips via multiple payment methods, all funneled into your bank and/or PayPal account. It's that simple.

Have a Wordpress blog? Add a TipSmack Widget to it (we can help) for same result.

Some key places to share your TipSmack tip-jar link:

*Important note on YouTube’s policy*

Towards the end of 2017, Google changed YouTube's monetization policy to disallow videos from being monetized (in any way), unless the creator meets certain "popularity criteria." You can read more about this on Google:]

If you are eligible for monetization, you probably know this, as well as how to link to external sites on a YouTube Card. Very simple.

If you are not eligible for monetization, you can still provide a link to your website in the video description. Then, just display your TipSmack tip jar as a widget on the website.

If you don't have a website or know how to do add a widget, we can easily do it for you. Just shoot us a note at